My love of photography began many years ago when I began taking photos of my parents’ breeding horses, and from there I continued to experiment with a friend’s SLR photographing anything I could: people, pets, and landscapes being my most common themes.  That was in the age before digital and prior to family commitments dominating almost all of my time.

Once my children had reached independence I once again picked up a camera, this time a DSLR, and began photographing horses again.  I loved it.  That feeling of providing an owner with a keepsake of their beloved horse was a feeling I wanted to relive over and over again, so I continued doing so for twelve years before deciding that I wanted to concentrate on something new and exciting. While I will always love photographing horses and will still do so for select clients, my primary interest now is to concentrate on people, especially women; those who, like me, never made time for themselves and now wish they had.

My photos have appeared in multiple publications (including front covers), both here and abroad, and a number have also been recreated as paintings. I’ve won numerous awards in international and local photographic competitions, including my local camera clubs, and one of my landscape photos was a runner up in an international competition of almost 5,000 entries.  I also sponsor the local Bellarine Show, supporting the ethos Give Where You Live.